Zach Edey

Okay - I know many do not like "predicting" what decisions players will make regarding staying or leaving the following year especially when we are so early in the current year but Edey has become a point of disagreement in my house. I think with the year he is having and is primed to have that Zach could get drafted and could make a home himself in the NBA, while my son is in the alternate camp - believing that yes Zach is more mobile than Haas was but he just doesn’t fit today’s NBA. He strongly believes that Zach will be back next year while I don’t.

Would love to hear others thoughts on the topic. My thoughts center around him being fast enough and a pretty good passer while my son is pretty much a believer that anyone without an outside shot has no home in the NBA. I also get concerned about Furst and Renn wanting more minutes next year and Berg coming off the redshirt. Someone would have to move on (not something I want to predict).


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