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Will Purdue Beat Northwestern and Keep Their B1G Hopes Alive?

Plus we talk Purdue’s game against Marquette.

NCAA Football: Purdue at Illinois Ron Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue football faces a huge test this coming weekend. And I don’t necessarily mean that Northwestern is going to be a huge problem. Instead, I mean the test is if they can win a game that they must win. Purdue has found themselves faltering at the worst times so far this season and this is an opportunity that the team simply can’t let pass them by. Ryan and I hopped back on the mics to talk about Northwestern and what Purdue needs to do to be victorious over the Irish National Champions.

We also have a long discussion at the top about Purdue basketball’s victory over Marquette. It was a thrilling game that saw a true freshman step into a huge role. Was this a coming out party of sorts for Braden Smith? We talk about all of that plus we get to know Ryan a little bit better at the top.

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