Gavitt Games

I'm surprised there's no coverage here, so I guess I'll start one in fanpost. What do you think? I am taking B1G winning 5-3, with {IU, Purdue, MSU, PSU, NW} winning. I like how they spread 8 games over 5 days instead of jamming like 14 games into 3 nights like the B1G-ACC Challenge. BE doesn't look strong with Nova already losing to Temple and Georgetown needing OT to beat Coppin St, although it looks like a down year for B1G too. Still we are talking about 11 teams in the Top 50 for B1G (out of 14), compared to just 6 for BE (out of 11).


  • Butler @ PSU
  • DePaul @ Minny


  • NW @ Georgetown
  • Marquette @ Purdue


  • Iowa @ Seton Hall


  • Nebraska @ St. John's


  • Nova @ MSU
  • IU @ Xavier

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