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Garrett Shearman - Welcome to Hammer and Rails

Garrett’s profile is having some issues so I’m posting on his behalf.

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 23 Div I Men’s Championship - Sweet Sixteen - Texas Tech v Purdue
Not pictured: Garrett Shearman
Photo by Fred Kfoury/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Hello Boilermakers. My name is Garrett Shearman and I know a lot about basketball, football, and basically all the sports including a kickable or throwable ball.

I’m a 27-year-old graduate of the University of Georgia’s journalism school and I’m a less-than-stellar former basketball player who, despite my height, was too slow and timid to excel at the sport. I grew up playing ball with a few dudes who are either in the NFL or NBA and that’s my only claim to fame. I guarantee none of them remember me.

While I love my Georgia Bulldogs, I’m very excited to have a rooting interest in a team that has never been coached by Tom Crean. Should Purdue ever play Georgia, you might even catch me wearing black and gold.

I’ve been on the radio talking about sports for a few years. I just wish my name was more catchy.

I play a lot of instruments, I have a thick mustache, and I have a penchant for music history so it’s up to you to decide whether I look like a National League relief pitcher from the late 1970’s or a nameless bassist in a southern rock band also from the late 1970’s.

I love studying the chess match behind sports. It’s all a game, sure, but it’s not just a game in the playful sense. Sports strategy and mental awareness of the of the other team’s style of play is my specialty. Knowing your opponent and reacting like a middle linebacker is all I know how to do.

I live in Athens, Georgia, the home of college football’s reigning national champions, and I used to work for the aforementioned Georgia Bulldogs less-than-stellar basketball team.

I’m available @GarrettShearman on Twitter and @Chameleohno on Instagram. I’m also available to talk trash about Big 10 teams I grew up hating on any platforms.

Anyway, my name is Garrett, I like sports, and thanks for having me.