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Not So Hostile Take-Over

Calm down everyone, the mustache is only a 2 night event.

Sup y’all, it’s Drew your new benevolent dictator. In what historians have already dubbed “the coup of Drews” Andrew and I deposed Travis and have installed our cabal at the controls of Hammer and Rails. We breached Travis’s mom’s basement early this morning (H&R headquarters) and drug T-Mill out in his candy striped pajamas (the rumors are true, and the shrine to Tom Crean set up in the bathroom was particularly disturbing). The Drews are here to lead Hammer and Rails into a bold, T-Mill free future (not that there is anything wrong with T-Mill, he’s just not here anymore).

Andrew and I have been writing for this site for around a decade, and our general plan is to keep doing what works. We’ve managed to recruit a new staff, and I think y’all will like them. I’ll continue with my play breakdown articles, do a little editing (gasp....hope you like stray commas, because I do), and pump out emotional basketball takes that bring shame upon my family (I’ve been meditating on the thought that nothing before Jan 1 matters in college basketball, but all I hear is Pantera in my head. I don’ think it’s working.)

Anyway, I’m sitting in the Atlanta airport, waiting on my thrice delayed flight to Vegas and suppose I should get started on a basketball preview. I’ll see you there later today.

PS: I regret to inform you that my mustache is gone until next Halloween.