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The Fate of the Hammer and Rails Podcast...

Will it live on or will it die?

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If you’re a fan of the Hammer and Rails podcast I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news with the recent changes to the staff here at H&R. As I hope you all saw this morning there was a massive seismic shift in coverage from a Purdue perspective. We lost more than half the staff here at H&R over to Boiler Upload and that includes my podcast partner Casey Bartley.

Luckily though, as yesterday was Casey’s last day with H&R he was nice enough to jump on the microphone to record his final goodbye and hand the reins fully over to me as I’ll now be the one recording and editing the podcast.

And, it wouldn’t be the last podcast with Casey on it if something didn’t go wrong while recording. Casey arrived in Indiana over the weekend from his home in the backwoods of the Carolinas and got his setup all ready to go. Unfortunately, he must have hooked something up wrong because despite recording an entire podcast last night he only was able to salvage his own audio while mine was somehow lost. I really wish I was making this up but I’m not. Therefore, Casey’s last podcast is out in the ether somewhere where it sounds like is talking to himself. You can’t make this up folks.

The good news is the podcast will live on. I’m currently looking for a new co-host but I will admit it’s difficult. Casey and I met each other through the H&R group chat and had hung out in person after that so we knew each other and had what I feel was a good rapport. Over the coming weeks I will likely have some guest co-hosts as we finish out football season and look ahead to basketball season. Hopefully something more permanent will be settled on in the near future. Thanks everyone for listening.

Oh, here are Casey’s picks for the last four games of the year.

Purdue over Iowa 24-14

Illinois over Purdue 17-13

Purdue over Northwestern 37-20

Purdue over Indiana 42-0