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Behind the Rails Season 2, Episode 7: Maryland Preview

What do Kory and Travis think as Purdue heads to the East Coast?

Purdue v Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

It’s Maryland week, and that means we get a second podcast from Behind the Rails. Kory and travis are both high on the Boilers this week as they head to the East Coast to take on the Terrapins. Among the highlights in this episode:

  • We look at the Maryland offense and how they gain a lot of yards, but they have some touchdown vultures at the end.
  • We talk about the return of Jalen Graham and what that means for the defense.
  • Aidan O’Connell is still a little beat up, but hopefully he has a better week as he manages his injury.
  • How does Devin Mockobee’s track background help him, especially as a long jumper?
  • Kory remember the team’s trip to Hawaii in 2006 and the famous Haka that the Warriors do as intimidation before each game.

We have all this and more in our latest episode of Behind the Rails.