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Can Purdue Win on the Road at Maryland?

Plus, what’s going on with college football buyouts?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Minnesota Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue will travel to Maryland this weekend to take on Maryland in their second road game of the month. This is where championships are won. If Purdue wants to seriously contend for the Big Ten West title now is the time to show it. These games are incredibly important.

I will be in attendance for this game which will be the second time I’ve seen Purdue play a football game at Maryland. The last one was a disaster with Purdue getting the ball run all over them and in fact barely put up a fight. Ah the Hazell years. Hopefully this game will be a better watch for everyone involved.

Before we get deep into the game and our predictions we take some questions from Twitter and talk about Jimbo Fisher and his buyout. What is going on in college sports with these buyouts? The amount of money at stake here is just outrageous.

As always, we end the podcast with our predictions for the game against Maryland as well as our thoughts on what our boy Chuck Sizzle will drop on us against a Maryland defense that has allowed a few big plays this year. Make sure to have a listen.