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Is the Big Ten West Purdue’s For the Taking?

The Big Ten West is a mess. Is that enough for Purdue to win?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Minnesota Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

A victory in Minnesota for the first time since 2007 is good enough for me! It doesn’t matter if the game is ugly because as they say, every victory is beautiful. Casey and I hopped on the microphones last night to recap the victory at Minnesota and discuss the Big Ten West.

If you’ll remember the last podcast we recorded I gave you all three reasons that Purdue could win and those were spot on, unfortunately I didn’t convince myself enough choose Purdue in my prediction. If I just would have listened to my wise thinking I could’ve jumped up a spot in our site rankings. Ah well. Perhaps next time.

We couldn’t possibly recap this game without mentioning the star of the game Devin Mockobee and his great run. The 68 yard run by Mockobee was without a doubt the offensive play of the game. I needled Casey a bit for focusing on Mockobee being small for a runner. I’ve heard it’s a point of pain for some listeners.

After the break we talk about the possibility of Purdue winning the Big Ten West. Right now six teams are tied for first place in this division. All sit at 1-1. Wisconsin is in last place at 0-2 and now they have an interim coach shocking basically everyone. Now that game against Wisconsin is less scary than in prior years but you can never count on Purdue heading up to Madison and winning. Casey and I discuss if Purdue can sneak into a division title.