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Does Purdue Break the Losing Streak Against Wisconsin?

Plus, is 700 losses a lot?

Syndication: Journal-Courier
Pete’s coming...

With Purdue preparing to head to Wisconsin Casey and I had to hop on the mics to discuss the upcoming game against Wisconsin. Oh man has it been awhile since Purdue beat Wisconsin. In fact it was back in 2003. That’s quite a long time ago. If Purdue is going to break this curse and get this monkey off their backs is this the time to do it? Interim coach. Weak schedule. Losing conference record. We’ve got all of those things going for us.

Before we hop into that though we take a moment to glory in IU football’s 700th loss as a program. Can you name any of the teams below IU on a win percentage comparison in all of DI college football? I force Casey to try but he doesn’t do too well. Maybe you’ll do better.

Then we discuss the preseason AP Top 25 for men’s basketball we talk Purdue, IU, and the rest of the Big Ten. How do we feel about Purdue being unranked but receiving votes?

Last we go on the record with our predictions both for the game against Wisconsin as well as Chuck Sizzle’s production.