Wisconsin "demands better"

Fired Paul Chryst, after him going 67-26 (6-1 in bowl games).

Personally, I am happy Wisky "demands better," because it has Pelini written all over it. This is eerily similar to Nebraska firing Bo Pelini after he went 67-27, and Nebraska has since gone 36-51 since Pelini, and just fired their savior Scott Frost a few weeks ago.

I think it is a byproduct of the astronomical coaches' salary. When administration is paying coaches crazy amount of money, they expect instant and ever increasing results. Chryst has won 3 divisional titles, second in the division another 3 times, born in Madison, and played QB for Wisconsin. To fire him mid-season after what he has done is unfathomable. But hey, I'll just grab my popcorn, kick up my feet, and enjoy the sh!t show there.

If it were up to me, I'll want college sports to have a salary cap on coaches. Even if it can't be done, at least make it the industry standard that coaches' salary aren't fully guaranteed (just like NFL players). Coaching is the weird profession where if you do a disastrous job, you'll be REWARDED when the school pays you to NOT coach. It makes zero sense. And really, a lot of coaches are really just leveraging the resources of the schools for the wins. Pelini went 33-28 at Youngstown State after Nebraska, and Tom Crean went 47-75 at Georgia after leading IU to three S16s and two B1G titles.

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