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Purdue 20, Minnesota 10: In Tweets

A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.

Purdue v Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Isn’t this how things go for us as Purdue fans? We get a run of subpar results. We steel ourselves that, “Yeah, they just don’t have it this year” and hope for the best the rest of the way. Then football goes and pulls off a big road upset.

At this point, just don’t play Purdue if you’re undefeated past October 1st. Just don’t do it. Jeff Brohm has lost to Rutgers, Eastern Michigan, and Nevada. He is only 31-31 now after 62 games at Purdue. Play him as an undefeated team after October 1st and he is 4-2 though. This marks the third time in the last two seasons that Purdue has gone in and wrecked an undefeated team by double digits after October 1. Last year it was Iowa and Michigan State. This year it was Minnesota.

I admit I was shocked. The schedule was weak, but Minnesota looked very good the first four weeks of the season. college football media was blowing a lot of smoke up their butts before the game, but they pretty much played a terrible game with three interceptions (they had one coming into the season) a turnover on downs, a missed field goal, and Purdue stonewalled their vaunted running game to 47 yards.

It was an impressive win, and Twitter loved it.