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Behind the Rails Season 2, Episode 8: Maryland and Nebraska Recap

We’re back after a week layoff.

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It has been almost two weeks, but the Behind the Rails Podcast is back. I was in Gatlinburg last week on vacation, so Kory and I did not get a chance to record after the Maryland win, but we’re back and ready to talk about the two recent victories over the Terrapins and Cornhuskers. It was an exciting discussion with the following highlights:

  • Kory has taken a shine to Devin Mockobee, who has done some work the last two weeks and is the reigning Big Ten Freshman of the Week.
  • The run defense on the other side has been excellent and Kory has no fears going to Wisconsin.
  • AOC is spreading the ball around well and was successful at Maryland despite Charlie Jones being bottled up.
  • Purdue has won four straight, and can win five straight for the first time since Kory was playing!
  • We also hear some more Tiller sayings.