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Nebraska vs Purdue: Gameday Grades

Another W!

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Offense: A

Aside from the really bad AOC Interception, he was fantastic. He completed 35 of 54 for 391 yards and four touchdowns. But, lets not hide the star player of this game, Devin Mockobee had 30 carries for 178 yards and touchdown. He ran hard, mad and fast. He is HIM!

Chuck Sizzle rebounded, having 12 catches for 132 yards and two touchdowns. A nice side piece in the passing game was an emerging TJ Sheffield, having 5 catches for 70 yards and two touchdowns. Payne Durham was held in check for the most part.

Defense: C

Carved up.

While the Nebraska Quarterback only completed 55% of his passes, he still had 354 yards. Most notably, our open field tackling of Trey Palmer was embarrassing. We implemented a similar gameplan as we did against FAU, bringing blitzes leaving us in man coverage, I feel like, aside from Trice, we were exposed a bit, mostly in the 2nd half, the first half of the game, the defense was fine.

Special Teams: C+

A missed Field Goal and a PAT by the always consistent Mitchell Fineran made things get a little weird. Ansell punted one time on the night, netting 40 yards. I am begging for our return game to get better Chuck Sizzle exerts so much energy on offense, maybe we need some fresh legs in the return game?