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Aidan O’Connell Named Co-Offensive B1G Player of the Week

AOC shares the honor with Chase Brown of Illinois.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Alex Martin/Journal and Courier / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Big Ten handed out weekly awards today and Purdue’s very won Aidan O’Connell, affectionately known as AOC, has won the Co-Offensive player of the week. This is AOC’s second time winning this award as he also won it last year following the victory of then top 5 ranked Michigan State.

AOC this week showed why NFL scouts are beginning to take him seriously with an aerial display of precision throws that he’ll need should he go on to play at the next level. AOC was putting balls where only his guys could get them and making extremely difficult plays throughout the entire game. You can really see that he’s become comfortable with his talent and believes that he can make those tough throws. Purdue will need him to continue to do just that as the season progresses.

Against Nebraska AOC put up some monumental numbers. He finished the game with 391 yards to go along with four touchdowns. This was AOC’s 12th 300 yard game. These numbers moved AOC into 6th all time on the Purdue yards list. Not listed among the reasons why he won the award but just as important was his scramble on 4th down that got Purdue the game clinching first down. He’s not the most mobile QB out there but he certainly felt the pocket move and saw the field just enough to know he needed that yard and he got it. Kudos to AOC on another great week.