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Purdue Defeats Maryland - Let’s Talk About It!

Plus, how did I rate my experience at SECU Stadium?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue has found a way to win a close game in two straight games. It’s a complete reversal from earlier in the season. How did we find ourselves here? It’s like Bizarro world. But regardless of how we got here, here we are. Purdue now sits at 4-2 and has won back to back road game, as dogs I might add, in the Big Ten. Casey and I hopped on the mics late last night to hash it out.

Then we review my overall experience at SECU Stadium. We discuss the tailgaiting, shoutout to Craig for inviting us in and providing some delicious food, the parking around the stadium, and the stadium itself.

Probably the most contentious part of our discussion was when we brought up Brohm’s decision to kneel down and force Maryland to use their timeouts after the long Payne Durham catch put Purdue on the two yard line. I think it was a brilliant strategic choice that fell apart when the defense couldn’t hold up their part. Casey thinks it was idiotic and wrong. I’ve got a poll going on Twitter right now but I wanted to give you fan folks the opportunity to weight in.


Were the AOC kneel downs smart or stupid?

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  • 89%
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  • 10%
    (61 votes)
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There was a slight audio problem with this episode but nothing that should take away your enjoyment of this fine fine product.