Dissecting our defense

I went back and rewatched how we went from 51-38 to 64-65, an 13-27 run by PSU in which they hit 10-of-12 shots, including 8 straight.

  1. Ivey gambled to double Pickett, leaving Johnson open for a corner 3 (culprit: Ivey)
  2. Lundy misses a contested 3 (credit: Sasha)
  3. Pickett made a contested 3 (Hunter was as tight as he could without fouling Pickett, so Hunter deserved credit, but also has to tip your hat to Pickett)
  4. Pickett missed a fadeaway (credit: Hunter)
  5. Lundy hit a step-back 3 (Sasha was the defended, it's those shots you just have to give the credit to offense, and you chalk it up as a win if that's what he has to do to score)
  6. Lee scored an and-one (but missed FT). It came off ball-screen, where Morton and Furst both went after Pickett, leaving Hunter in a bind between two PSU players, and Lee got an easy basket.
  7. Pickett got Ivey in mid-air, then scored an easy 2 (just good offense)
  8. Harrar screened Ivey; Tre helped, leaving IT in a bind to either stay in the paint to stop a rolling Harrar, or run to the 3-pt line to defend an open Dread. Dread hit open 3.
  9. Harrar screened Ivey; Tre helped; Harrar rolled and Sasha helped, leaving Lundy to hit open 3.
  10. Harrar screened Ivey; Tre helped; Harrar rolled and Gillis helped. The ball swung to Lee (Gillis' man), and he hit a long jumper.
  11. Pickett scored over Gillis 1v1 (good offense)
  12. Pickett bullied Ivey to the paint, Gillis helped, and Pickett found Lee and he hit 3 (2-of-8 in 3 games this season coming into the game; was a 25% and 32% 3-pt shooter in his last 2 seasons)

So here's what I gather:

  • Hunter did play some good D when he was in the game in that run. The one he gave up he was in a no-win situation when he has to guard two PSU players.
  • Sasha wasn't bad as people made him out to be. He held Lundy below his season average, and the one he got scored on was just a good step-back 3 that if someone is hitting it it's unguardable.
  • Ivey's D in that stretch was suspect. He gambled and failed for the first one. Then he let Pickett bullied him a couple times. Lastly, PSU kept running the same play with Harrar screening Ivey to get Tre to help, and all 3 times they were able to score.
  • It isn't only Ivey struggling with ball-screen D. Morton and Furst got caught for the same thing, leaving Hunter in a no-win situation.

Since we are off this until Friday, Paul Lusk as our DC should really spend this off week revamping our ball-screen D.

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