Braden Smith scored 28 of his team's 43 points in win over #1 Carmel (including GW bucket to put team up)

I "watched" his other games in the past, but those competition weren't too good so I skipped most of those. Against real competition like Carmel which I know Smith will need to bring his best, I watch the full game. It's actually quite enjoyable because you don't have annoying media TO every 4 mins. And it's only 8 mins a quarter and like no shot clock so it goes a lot quicker.

Here's a "The good and the bad" summary on Smith.

The good:

  1. Really good 3-pt shooter. He knocked down step-back 3s, off-screen 3s, and 3s from Curry-land. Give him a little space and he's deadly. Just brings back memories of Carsen in the NCAA-T.
  2. His scoring average is actually down a few points from last season, as he seems to be happy to take a more diverse role and letting his teammate score instead (almost a quadruple double a few games back). But this game shows he can score if that's what it needs to win.
  3. Had some really good passes like Tre, although this is not a game to feature his passing ability.
  4. Scored the game-winning basket to put his team up 1, which was basically just him beating his lengthy and lanky defender 1v1.

The bad:

  1. The said lengthy and lanky defender (Dual) has clearly bothered him throughout the game. Smith scored most of his points when he wasn't guarded by Dual. Dual blocked one of Smith's 3-pt attempts, and also won the battle over Smith in the last possession of the first half. Smith just got the better of him in the end.
  2. Smith missed the front-end FT at the end that could have ensured Carmel cannot win the game in regulation. His FT% has dipped a little this season, but still a very respectable 78%. He was 83% and 90% respectively in his last two seasons.

Overall, I am very excited to see what Smith can do to our team that has been lacking a true floor general since LewJack. He's the quintessential PG who is pass-first but can also score if needed to. People who questioned his size (~6 foot) may want to know that he is averaging 6.5 rpg, and that he can be the recipient on an alley-oop dunk. I watched his AAU game and he is the "dive on the floor for loose balls" kind of guys, as his motto seems to be "You have to go all out every time because you only live once." The thing he would need to work on is against lengthy defenders, which I'm sure he'll be seeing in the B1G.

The full game can be seen here:

Or you can just watch the highlights:

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