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Purdue 74, Penn State 67: Sometimes Better is Good Enough

Winning is Winning.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Penn State Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

My apologies for this being late but the entire staff got busy at the same time and we just kind of missed the game wrap. I blame noon tipoffs.

Still pretty was able to pull out a victory on the road over Penn State by 7 today. It was far from pretty but sometimes being better is good enough. The point is Purdue won a basketball game despite nearly letting it get away.

Trailing by 1 with 3:30 left it looked like this one was going the wrong way. We had been here in both losses this year, where Purdue led at the final media timeout only to have it slip away. This time, Purdue got better. It managed to get a couple of key stops and Trevion Williams played like a grown assed man. Defensively, a huge steal by Jaden Ivey with just under a minute left proved to be a huge play.

Shoutout to Mason Gillis today, who saved us with sime timely threes and major hustle, as always. He is the reason Purdie won, as it had to play a long amount without both Zach Edey and Tre in foul trouble.

This ends up being a tier 1 road win, which helps in the end. It's also a Big Ten win. That's really all the matters.

We still have stuff to work on, but winning is winning.