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Hammer and Rails Podcast - How Does Purdue Turn the Defense Around?

We discuss the loss to Wisconsin and Kirk Herbstreit’s recent comments about “loving” the game.

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

The Hammer and Rails podcast is back! After the recent loss to Wisconsin Casey and I get into what exactly went wrong and how do we fix it? Sure, we aren’t paid millions to fix the problems that the team faces but we can certainly throw out some ideas. Who on the team needs to step up and who on the team needs to maybe get fewer minutes.

Conversations like these are always hard because we love all these players but sometimes they just aren’t playing up to what we need as a team. Going into conversations like this I just want it made clear that we aren’t attacking these players as people, students, or representatives of Purdue. We are merely commenting on their basketball ability and what they need to do and what they can do for this team.

We also discuss the recent comments from ESPN commentator Kirk Herbstreit about college players of this generation not loving the game like his generation did. It infuriates me so be prepared for that.

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