1/25/22 Parker Friedrichsen

I got to watch Parker play again tonight in person. Despite being told last week that Painter was coming to the game, he did not come. Per Parker, Painter called him Sunday night and told him he was going to stay in WL and have an extra film session with the team tonight to prep for Iowa. Painter told Parker he would be out next month to watch him again. Take that however you want. I didn't read anything into it other than Painter wants to prepare for Iowa. Parker had a game high 34 points. His team won 80-71. He also had a handful of assists, rebounds, and steals. One bad stat was he had at least 5 turnovers tonight (maybe 6). He is every bit of 6'4". Also, he has incredible range. He took several shots from well behind the three point line and buried them with ease. Finally, his younger brother Luke had 12 points tonight making 4 three pointers himself. He is a Sophomore and not nearly as tall or skilled as Parker yet, but could develop in the next year or so.

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