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Hammer and Rails Podcast - IU & Northwestern Recap

Plus we talk about hair, yes, hair.

NCAA Basketball: Northwestern at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Casey and I return once again this week looking back at an eventful week for Purdue basketball. We cover the loss against IU and the victory over Northwestern.

As you can expect given the outcomes of these games there’s lots to talk about some good and some bad. Purdue had every opportunity to win the game against IU but thanks to some problems on the offensive end they couldn’t finish it out. We ask the question, what is going on with Trevion Williams? With back to back poor games against Illinois and IU should we be worried?

Given the recent losses this team has suffered have the expectations for this team changed? Casey, the optimist on our podcast (for basketball at least), talks me through his thinking.

We discuss the opportunity Brandon Newman had against Northwestern with Ivey out and why he couldn’t take advantage. We talk about Caleb Furst’s new haircut and maybe him being a reverse Sampson?

Finally, we talk about the situation with Big Ten refs and if they need to be professionalized after that terrible call in the Northwestern game where they stopped the game right before a Zach Edey dunk. Just unbelievable.