Purdue has 9-1 odds to win the title

Gonzaga is #1. Duke is also 9-1, tied with Purdue for second. After that is Baylor.

Not bad really. But I have never figured out how they calculate this stuff. Does this have any thing to do with actuak metrics, or just how to balance how people will bet? I have heard that the line before the game is just a balance of what will get people on both sides to take a bet. Also, how many words to I have to tyoe before I can post this thing? Not enough yet. Maybe now? Nope. Still not.

Gonzaga Bulldogs 6-1
Purdue Boilermakers 9-1
Duke Blue Devils 9-1
Baylor Bears 11-1
Kansas Jayhawks 12-1
Arizona Wildcats 15-1
Kentucky Wildcats 18-1
UCLA Bruins 20-1
Auburn Tigers 20-1
Villanova Wildcats 20-1
Illinois Fighting Illini 25-1

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