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Hammer and Rails Podcast - 2022 Purdue Football and Nebraska Preview

Casey and I do a look ahead to the 2022 football schedule and look at tomorrow’s game against Nebraska.

NCAA Basketball: Purdue at Penn State Matthew OHaren-USA TODAY Sports

The Hammer and Rails podcast is back and better than ever. The Big Ten announced the updated 2022 football schedule yesterday so what better time to just make outrageous claims about what we think Purdue’s record will be. Casey and I differ on this but only by one game. Keep in mind these are only initial gut reactions and not something we will hold ourselves to as the next season rolls around.

We look at the non-conference schedule and it’s overall cupcakeiness. The 3 non-conference games that Purdue faces are going to be games that Purdue, and this suddenly high powered offense, should be able to roll in. I remember during my time at Purdue when they played Syracuse and Purdue won 51-0. I hope that it’s something like that.

Casey and I are both worried about starting the season with Penn State. I don’t like this whole starting the season with a Big Ten game that we’ve been doing lately. It doesn’t give the team a chance to warm up into tougher opponents.

Finally, after the break we discuss the upcoming game against Nebraska and what Purdue needs to do to win. Casey seems to think that all we need to do is play our game and we should win. I feel like I’ve heard that before. Take a listen, like, rate, review, and hammer that subscribe button!