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Purdue Football: WAY Too Early Defensive 2 Deep

Might as well take a peak.

NCAA Football: Music City Bowl-Purdue at Tennessee Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we looked at the offensive side of the ball.

Today, we will look at the defensive side of the ball.

Purdue will be losing Brad Lambert, one of three Co-Dcs but he was the one calling the defense on Saturdays. So, there will be change, once again, but whoever takes over the play calling on Saturdays for the defense, will have a veteran defense, though a defense looking for some pass rush.

Defensive End:

  1. Jack Sullivan - Senior
  2. Joe Anderson - Junior


  1. Lawrence Johnson - Senior
  2. Demarjhe Lewis - Sophomore


  1. Branson Deen - Senior
  2. Prince Boyd - Sophomore


  1. Scotty Humpich - Senior
  2. Kydran Jenkins - Sophomore


  1. OC Brothers - Junior
  2. Yanni Karlaftis - RS Freshman


  1. Kieren Douglas - Grad
  2. Semisi Fakasiieiki - Grad


  1. Jalen Graham - Senior
  2. Clyde Washington - Sophomore


  1. Cory Trice - Senior
  2. Tee Denson - Junior


  1. Jamari Brown - Senior OR
  2. Reese Taylor - Senior

Strong Safety:

  1. Marvin Grant Jr - Senior
  2. Sanoussi Kane - Junior

Free Safety:

  1. Cam Allen - Senior
  2. Chris Jefferson - Grad


  • First initial thought... We have an OLD and experienced defense. There are 10 starters that are seniors or older on my first team and an additional 3 seniors or older as back ups. Some of these guys have been Boilers from day one and started early in their career, such as Trice, Grant, Allen and Graham. They have taken some bumps and are all great football players now. This is an attractive defense for coaches to come to and help run.
  • Pass Rush.. who will be that GUY?! Karlaftis did not have a ton of sacks in 2021, but he had plenty of pressures and hits on the quarterback. Mitchell gave a great rush in the bowl game and against IU after fighting injuries all season. I think Sullivan will be very, very good. He has shown flashes. Scotty Humpich, should provide a boost on the edge, Kydran Jenkins as well. We may have to be creative with blitzing to allow man coverage with the veteran secondary.
  • I love this Linebacker Group. Douglas had a great year in 2021 at MLB, he will be there again and is a thumper. Semisi is back for like a 7th year, he got a hardship waiver, he is another inside backer, he will be solid. I think OC Brothers cracks the line up and Jalen Graham will be an obvious starter. Graham is our best defensive player. Yanni will see time, as long as that darn hamstring is healed up.
  • I love this secondary, Allen and Grant I think are the only two 100% starters. Corner will be a competition. Brown, Denson, Trice and Taylor will be battling out. AND we should take solace in knowing that 2 of those 4 will be immediate back ups. I see Taylor as our Nickel corner in situations as well.