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Which Boilermakers Made the NFL Playoffs?

Take a look!

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Well, despite the opportunity for an epic tie to send both teams to the playoffs being absolutely ruined last night, maybe because of a timeout or maybe just because one team wanted to win, the NFL playoffs are all set! With the matchups set we now know which NFL Boilermakers will get a chance to grab that Super Bowl ring! Let’s take a look shall we? Note that I’ve included players listed on the practice squad or injured reserve for these teams. As long as the Boilermaker is on the team in some capacity I’m gonna list them. Maybe some other places will do it differently but for me the practice squad is an incredibly important part of the team and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. With that caveat established, here we go.

Philadelphia Eagles - Ryan Kerrigan

After leaving the Washington Football team in the offseason, thank goodness for him because that organization is a nightmare, Kerrigan finds himself in the playoffs where he and his Eagles teammates will face off against my Tampa Bay Bucs on Sunday at 1:05 on Fox. Yes, I’m a Bucs fan, no it’s not because of Brady. I’ve been a fan for years and it’s all because of Mike Alstott so get over it. Kerrigan and the Eagles will have a hard road ahead of them if they hope to go far this year.

Dallas Cowboys - Anthony Brown & Tyler Coyle

The Cowboys had an excellent season behind Dak Prescott and wound up with the #3 seed in the NFC. While Coyle is active for the Cowboys Brown has been out with a tricep injury and is on injured reserve. That’s unfortunate for the Cowboys because you can never have enough corners that can go and get the ball.

San Fransisco 49ers - Raheem Mostert

Mostert and the 49ers will take on the aforementioned Cowboys. Mostert has also been dealing with injuries and underwent knee surgery back in October. He is back to walking without crutches as of December but Mostert still finds himself on the injured reserve list. He’s had some hard luck injury wise.

Arizona Cardinals - Rondale Moore

We all know who Rondale Moore is of course. In his first year in the NFL he’s had some ups and downs and has also had to deal with some injuries. Moore has been dealing with an ankle injury and for a player like him who relies on his speed and his cutting ability that can be a huge injury and hard to come back from without plenty of time. No word as of this writing if Moore will be available for the playoffs.

Green Bay Packers - Dennis Kelly

Dennis Kelly was signed by the Packers in the offseason and I’m sure they are glad that they scooped him up. The offensive line for Green Bay had an injury to right tackle and Kelly was able to slide in and help out MVP candidate Aaron Rodgers. Kelly and the rest of the Packers grabbed the #1 seed in the NFC and will be able to take the week off to get healthy and game plan for their eventual opponent.

New England Patriots - Ja’Whaun Bentley

The former Purdue linebacker has found himself dealing with injuries and being placed on the Covid list this year. Regardless, he was back on the field in the regular season finale against the Dolphins and tallied 17 tackles. You love to see it from a former Purdue guy. The Patriots have had quite a bit of success when Purdue guys have been on the roster. Of course some guy named Tom Brady might’ve been helpful in that regard as well.

Cincinnati Bengals - Ricardo Allen & Markus Bailey

The Bengals are the rare NFL team with two Boilermakers on the roster and they both find themselves playing a fairly prominent role. Bailey was able to start his first NFL game earlier in the year and Allen, the longtime Atlanta Falcon, has appeared in 14 games for the Bengals with one start. No interceptions on the year for Allen but as Purdue fans we know he’s capable of grabbing one or two of those at any time during any game.

Tennessee Titans - Jordan Roos

Last but not least is Jordan Roos who finds himself on the #1 seeded Tennessee Titans. Roos very much looks like he should be hoarding and pillaging the local villages these days, but regardless he finds himself on an NFL roster. Best of luck to him and the Titans.

So, there you have it. If your team didn’t make the playoffs or you just aren’t interested in the NFL this at least gives you a primer of who to root for if you’re hoping a Purdue player finds their way to the Super Bowl.