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Purdue-UConn: A Q&A with the UConn Blog

How confident are our opposing fans?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 04 Holy Cross at UConn Photo by Williams Paul/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It is not It is not a happy time for UConn football. The Huskies are a program in turmoil at the very bottom of FBS, and probably below even several FCS schools. Purdue is expected to win, but what do UConn fans think? Well, Aman Kidwai from The UConn Blog is here to tell us:

T-Mill: Obviously the big news is that Randy Edsall is out. Do you think there was something else going on behind the scenes that hastened his departure to this week instead of the end of the season?

Aman: I’m inclined to believe the reports from Bruce Feldman and Alex Kirschner that players voiced their displeasure at the idea of Edsall announcing his retirement but staying until the end of the year. Also, pragmatically, once you make the decision to leave what is the point of sticking around as a lame duck for 10 weeks? Are you going to put the necessary effort into recruiting, fundraising, building out the future schedule?

I think our athletic director already had hesitations about the “retire at the end of the season” arrangement and the internal intervention helped put him over the edge.

T-Mill: Losing to FCS Holy Cross is... not good. Did they just have a great day or did things go that poorly for UConn?

Aman: UConn was a discombobulated mess that looked out-classed and was out-played this past Saturday. It was no fluke. UConn showed good effort late into the game, I don’t think that’s the issue, but the offense was lost and the defense couldn’t make enough stops.

T-Mill: The first two games were rough for the Huskies. What are some of the things that have been working?

Aman: We lost 45-0 to Fresno State in Week 0 and then by 10 to a regional FCS opponent. The only thing that’s working is the change made at head coach for the long-term benefit of the program.

In all honestly, I do think our defense might be okay, as in not the worst in the country. But the offense has been nonexistent through these first two games... Our punter is pretty good, I guess.

T-Mill: What differences do you see this week under your defensive coordinator taking over as interim head coach?

Aman: The big difference is the change at starting QB. Jack Zergiotis was named the starter right before the season opener, but has not done well at all. New starter Steven Krajewski played a little bit in 2019 before an injury but was a 3-star recruit who deserves the look given Zergiotis’ tendency for turnovers and inaccuracy.

T-Mill: Has the layoff from last year been a major factor in the slow start, or more from the Edsall situation?

Aman: I’m sure the layoff doesn’t help, but I also think a better-run team at least puts some points up against Fresno and does not lose to an FCS team. For what it’s worth, there was no major loss of players or recruits resulting from the cancellation of last season. A bunch of guys transferred out after 2019, and then we didn’t really get to see the effects of that until this year.

T-Mill: Finally, what would it take for Purdue to lose Saturday, especially since we probably haven’t been a 30+ point favorite over an FBS team since Brees was here?

Aman: If Purdue’s entire first-string offense and defense fall ill the morning of the game, UConn has a shot.