BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, UCF all submit applications to the Big 12

A Big 12 presidents call is scheduled for Friday morning to formally vote UCF, Cincinnati, Houston and BYU into the league. The vote is largely considered a formality.

So by this weekend we should have a new "stable" P5 (assuming the Alliance presidents aren't all talk). Will be curious to see how the Big 12 shapes up in football and if any of the other 4 conferences tries to knock them down a peg in the next football playoff expansion since they no longer have a blue blood program to prop them up.

I think basketball in the new Big 12 will be insane. Houston, Cincy, and BYU are all great basketball programs and while OU and Texas are big losses I think the Big 12 could end up better than ever, even if UCF becomes a bit of a punching bag.

Overall I think the Big 12 did the best they could given the situation.

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