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Purdue Football: The Defensive Secondary, The Time is Now.

There is finally a lot of experience back there and it should pay dividends

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Cory Trice.

Dedrick Mackey.

Cam Allen.

Marvin Grant Jr.

These four football players have paid their dues, taken their bumps and are now full of experience.

Trice and Allen are going into their third season as starters on the Purdue Defense.

Mackey has been in and out of the starting lineup during his career at Purdue. But, the 5th year senior will be leaned on this season to be a leader on the defense.

Marvin Grant, the former 4 Star recruit has always had maybe the highest ceiling in our secondary, but has battled injuries during his first two years at Purdue.

But, if last weekend was any indication of how the season may go, if our secondary can stay healthy, we will be able to lean on them, for the first time in a long time.

All of these guys have had 3 defensive coordinators in 3 years. Now, in a scheme that emphasizes aggressiveness and getting to the ball, these ball hawks may benefit the most.

Outside of George Karlaftis and Jalen Graham in week 1, I believe that these 4 players were some our best on defense.

If Purdue is wanting to get back on track on defense, it will have to lean on these guys in the secondary. We need them healthy and on the field for most of the season, injuries always happen, but there is not a lot of great depth right behind them, well depth in terms of experience is lacking.

I do believe Cam Allen could be our best safety since Bernard Pollard, a man who spent nearly a decade in the NFL. Cory Trice should be our best Cornerback since Ricardo Allen, he doesn’t have the same ball skills for interceptions, but his size and athleticism will impact receivers every single down.

In week 1, the defense was fun to watch, in large part to these 4. I am looking forward to seeing what the coming weeks have in store for them.