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Behind the Rails Episode 2: Oregon State Recap

Kory and Travis are here to talk about Purdue’s season opening win.

Oregon State v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

It is double podcast day here at Hammer & Rails. We have already heard from Ledman and Casey about Purdue’s opening win. Now it is time for episode 2 of the new podcast venture through BLEAV podcasts as former Purdue running back, Grey Cup MVP, and all-time touchdowns leader Kory Sheets and T-Mill talk about Purdue’s season opening win over Oregon State. Among the highlights:

  • Did Kory watch himself score touchdowns on the jumbotron at Purdue?
  • What did Kory do to thank his offensive line for 100 yard games?
  • The role of walk-ons and how they progress through the team over time.

And much more. These short (25-30 minutes) podcasts will come twice a week, hopefully on Tuesdays as a game wrap and Thursdays as a look ahead to the next game. As always, we thank Kory for taking the time to come on as one of Purdue’s best players ever.