Game 1 Takewaways

As with our win on Saturday, I'll end on a positive note, but first....

The Negatives

  • The offensive line is improved, but not as much as we would like. Plummer was getting pressured and flushed out of the pocket early and often. Take out Zander's 24-yd run, he had 57 yards on 20 carries, or less than 3 yards per carry. Some of this has to do with playcalling. Brohm likes to call those HB Stretch plays that take a while to develop and keeps the halfback behind the line of scrimmage longer. The running back corps could have done a better job finding the holes, but the offensive line wasn't creating a ton of openings either.
  • Lack of deep balls: perhaps this is just my perception, but the Beavers appeared to be throwing deep a lot more than our offense was. Once again, we went to Bell when a big play was needed, but there were not a ton of attempts beyond 15-20 yards from scrimmage. I'm sure some of this was due to Plummer not having the time for those routes to develop, but I hope to see some guys behind Bell and Durham develop into a deep threat.
The positives
  • Purdue had the opportunity to pull away a quarter earlier. Overall, there were easily 3-4 more scores left on the field. Two drops in the endzone, the 15-yard sideline penalty, the Doerue fumble on the pitch, the bizarre INT on the trick play to Durham. The good thing is that these are very correctable, and Purdue overcame them and still won by two scores.
  • The secondary made big, big plays. Beaver's Coach Smith wanted to test our secondary deep, and outside of a few plays, our guys passed the test. Trice made a huge pass breakout on fourth down. The secondary was aggressive and made big plays. Jalen Graham was flying all over the field in his flex Safety/Sam Linebacker position. That was really encouraging
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a pass rush: Much of this accredited to GK being a beast, but the line overall createed discomfort for the OSU QB's that may have been the cause for them over throwing several open receivers down field through the course of the game.
  • Special Teams were consistent: Punts, Kickoffs, and FG's were all generally consistent and productive. I would like to see some more versatiltiy in the put return. I love Jackson Antrhrop and I know he didn't get a ton of chance to have a real return, but I don't think he will be a "big play" guy more than he'll be a reliable option. Interested to see of T.J. Sheffield takes over punt returns when he returns.
  • Fionally, Plummer was solid when the game was on the line: On the last two critical drives, Plummer was 6-6 for 103 yards. With the aggressive playcalling we saw, Brohm put the game in Plummer's hands, asking him to make the big plays downfield, and Plummer delivered.

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