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Purdue 30, Oregon State 21: In Tweets

Purdue won! An Opener! With fans and everything,

Oregon State v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Last night was an immense amount of fun. Finally, we got to go to a near sold out home sporting event and enjoy being part of the crowd. The night game atmosphere, the band, etc. It was just great to experience college football in person again. I spent the first half up in the media center behind the glass and the crowd roar permitted through it before the game. In the second half I was down in Shively and it was great to be a fan in person again too.

Bonus: Purdue won the game!

Doing the Sunday morning In Tweets column is one of my favorite columns to post each week, mostly because it grow organically from the day before due to following game on Twitter. It is a chance to catch live reactions in the moment. It also brings int he fans watching at home with those in the stands. Here is what the crowd had to say last night: