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Purdue 30 -Oregon State 21 - VICTORY

NCAA Football: Oregon State at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

At one point in the second half a stat showed up on the screen stating that Purdue had lost 15 one possessions games since 2017. Of course Purdue was up by just one possession at the time so you know that every Purdue fan was slightly terrified. It’s a game we’ve seen play out far too many times to ever truly be comfortable. After changing QBs late in the third quarter the Oregon State offense came alive and was giving Purdue fits. Then entered Cory Trice.

On a 4th and 1 Oregon State tried to go for it all but Trice followed his man step for step and put his arm up to deflect the ball and watch it fall harmlessly to the turf. Purdue took over at that point and Jack Plummer and Payne Durham played some pitch and catch to result in a rather fast touchdown. This was seemingly enough to end the game. But as Lee Corso is fond of saying “not so fast my friend!” Instead Oregon State drove the length of the field in seemingly the blink of an eye and connected on the extra point to pull within 2 points. It was deja vu all over again.

‘The next possession started off on a great note for Purdue as they achieved the unthinkable, a delay of game at home after receiving a kickoff. You don’t see that one very often. After that though Durham and Plummer continued their game of pitch and catch, Purdue put 7 more on the board and the game was over. Oregon State tried to convert another drive but the same wide receiver kept deciding he could run out of bounds and just hop back in with no consequence. It didn’t work. Purdue found a way to get the ball back and after some kneel downs Purdue walked away with a victory.

You can’t win them all if you don’t win the first one. Purdue is 1-0 and faces UCONN next. Look for much more on this game later tonight.