Your boldest football prediction

I used to run an annual football prediction "contest" here. Sorry, it's kinda late for this year as many probably won't see this post until after the first football game, so it won't be as "pure". Oh well.

I'll just go with a simple version and ask: What's the boldest (and measurable) prediction you have for our football team? The prediction could be ANYTHING with regards to the football team that you think it actually might happen. You will be judged first by whether the prediction turns out true, and then the "boldness" of your prediction.

I personally think our team is very much underrated. If the OL can hold up, I think DB3 and GK5 can help us win a lot of games. Many people were questioning the QB situations, but I see it as a strength rather than a weakness, and I expect our QB, whoever playing for us (but in my mind it is Plummer), will play very well and also lead us to many wins. Brohm will be back to his old self, focused, passionate, and aggressive. We just need to have better injury luck.

Thus far, the B1Gw doesn't look as intimidating. Nebraska doesn't look good. Wisky looks mortal. I am still skeptical on Illinois. Northwestern just lost at home to MSU. Minny looks better than expected, but it's about time that we beat them at Ross Ade. Iowa is the only team that really looks good.

So my prediction is simply that we will be contending for the division title. To be more precise such that it is measurable, we will be #1 or #2 in the division.

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