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Purdue vs. Oregon State - Predictions

What does the staff think about tomorrow night’s game?

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The great thing about the first game of the season is you just never know what to expect. Sure we’ve read the offseason reports and listened to the press conferences and learned that the team has had a great summer (don’t they always) but what do we really know about the team? Tomorrow the rubber hits the road and it’s time to go on record. Let’s go!

Jumbo Heroes (6-6 in 2019 and 2-4 in 2020) Says:

If you listened to the podcast that came out this morning you already know that I’ve picked Purdue to win. Here’s why, I think the Purdue offense will be much improved with a stable QB and an offensive line with at least some consistency amongst them. If there are injuries on the line though all bets are off because that depth chart is as thin as the toilet paper at your office.

Oregon State wants to run a power game which Purdue obviously struggles with, but if Big George wants to make money on Sunday these are the games where he can show what he’s made of. I think Purdue does just enough to win and I think David Bell helps push the offense over the top.

Purdue 42

Oregon State 35

Drew (2-3 in 2020) Says:

I will have a full post coming later today but for now I’ll just say Purdue wins.

Purdue 34

Oregon State 24

Kyle (2-3 in 2020) Says:

I have a bad feeling.

Purdue, establishing a new defensive identity. Outside of George and Mitchell, the interior DL has questions. Linebacker has experience, but was not great last year. Oregon State runs a pro style offense, similar to Wisconsin. They return all 5 offensive linemen. They have two large backs in BJ Baylor and Deshaun Fenwick. I just have a feeling they will control the clock and beat us on the ground. Our offense will be better, but with the Beavers controlling the Clock on the ground, I have them winning and the all important 5th season of the Brohm Era starts with a lump.

Purdue 24

Oregon State 31

Travis (9-3 in 2019, 5-1 in 2020) Says:

I still believe, and I think we see a much improved Purdue team Saturday night. The passing game should have a field day with a weaker defensive front and Oregon State having a ton of questions in the secondary. My largest concern is Oregon State’s running game. Can Purdue get stops? The defense has got to be better, but with George Karlaftis on the field, it will be. There will be points.

Purdue 38

Oregon State 31

Jace (2-4 in 2020) Says:

If Purdue doesn’t win this game then there’s a serious issue going on. Oregon State is one of the worst P5 conference schools and have nowhere near the talent of the Boilermakers. (Not common, but true.) The key to the game is Jack Plummer, if he gets on a roll then it should be home cooking for the Boilers. If he and the offense struggle… it’s gonna be a long night.

Purdue 28

Oregon State 14

Casey (2-3 in 2020) Says:

This is the only time we’ll get that sweet oblivious ignorant high. So Purdue, behind a big Bell day.

Purdue 38

Oregon State 33

Holmes (3-3 in 2020) Says:

I like themes and currently I am obsessed with Marvel. Therefore this year’s predictions are all going to include an (mostly) obscure villain related to that week’s opponent. With that in mind, Oregon State was absolutely the most difficult team to find a villain for and he’s the most obscure by far. Le Beaver appeared in a single Howard The Duck comic according to the information I can find and he is basically just a dude in a beaver suit.

Purdue 35

Oregon State 23