Observations from O$U/Minnesota Game

  • Ohio State will be unbeatable in the Big Ten once they're in midseason form
  • It's unbelieveable how much the Fox commenators, and social media at large, jumped on CJ Stroud from the get-go. Supposedly the The kid has a minor case of the yips in his first-ever college start in a hostile environment. One of the field reporters actually had the gumption to ask Ryan Day if he was considering making a change at QB. He did just fine in the second half.
  • Gus Johnson is a hiliarous sportscaster. He casually introduced that the lineman who caused the strip-sack in the 3rd quarter as having been shot in the face earlier that year and kept on going with the replay analysis.
  • There is plenty to be had with Minnesota's secondary. They remind me of our's a couple years ago. Their safeties are slooow.
  • I may dislike Fleck's Mineesota Gophers more than I do IU, but I hated to see Ibrahim go down. This brings me to the question as to why he is still playing college football. Even for a smaller back, I would think he has the athleticism to find his way on an NFL roster. Pray that was not an Achilles tear.
  • I feel like Tanner Morgan has been the same QB for the last three seasons. To me, he is the Kirk Cousins of the Big Ten, which is not necessarily a bad thing, but if Ibrahim is done, he will have to be much more than that.

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