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Behind the Rails Episode 1: Oregon State Preview

It’s a new Podcast with one of the all-time Purdue greats

NCAA Football - Indiana State vs Purdue - September 2, 2006 Photo by Sandra Dukes/Getty Images

We have a new venture this season. BLEAV podcasts approached me a few weeks ago and wanted to know if I would be willing to host a new podcast for them. They also offered a strong incentive: it would be with former Purdue running back Kory Sheets.

Kory is Purdue’s #2 all-time leading rusher, all-time touchdowns leader, CFL Grey Cup MVP and record holder for the most rushing yards in a Grey Cup, and more. He offers great insight into what it is like in the locker room for these games, so I had to jump at the opportunity.

This is expected to be a twice weekly podcast. We’re hoping to get a recap episode out each Tuesday to talk about the previous week’s game, then a preview episode on Thursdays for the upcoming game.

I had a lot of fun recording the debut episode here. It is different from any other podcast I have done, so I hope you enjoy it as the season goes on.