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Behind the Rails Episode 8: Illinois Recap

We were not impressed.

Illinois v Purdue Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Behind the Rails Podcast is back, and this time we’re on time for our recap of the 13-9 win over Illinois. In short, we were not impressed. Among the highlights:

  • Kory and I are very concerned about the current play calling involving Purdue.
  • The run game sucks, so how do we get it going?
  • Injuries are all over the place, which does not help the offense.
  • We have a quarterback controversy! That’s something Kory lived through in his time as well, to show how long this has been going on. How did Kory like it?
  • We get to relive the 48-42 win over Michigan in 2008, which as a memorable one on campus for the guys.

We’re hoping that things get better with another offensively challenged Minnesota team coming to Purdue this week, but there needs to be dramatic improvement up front. Listen in to our latest episode and remember to subscribe!