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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Post-Illinois Victory

Purdue sits atop the Big Ten West!

NCAA Football: Illinois at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

The Hammer and Rails podcast is back to discuss the latest victory for Purdue football. We talk about it so you don’t have to! But first, I quiz Casey!

  • (1:00) Can you tell which of Purdue’s last three coaches matches the record?
  • We talk about, hopefully for the last time, the women’s basketball scandal with the news that Director of Basketball Operations Terry Kix has resigned and will no longer be a part of the program. (6:00)
  • In our last discussion pre-Illinois game we talk about the current Purdue volleyball situation and why we are so excited about what Coach Shondell is doing night in and night out. (10:00)
  • After the break (16:00) we go into the Illinois game and discuss the bad offense, the good defense, and the things that we liked and didn’t about Saturday’s game.
  • Is there now a QB controversy in West Lafayette?
  • Does Brohm call a different game when Plummer is in the game versus when AOC is in the game?
  • Should Purdue really be bragging about being in first place in the Big Ten West?
  • Is the Big Ten West good?
  • Was the hit on Payne Durham clean?

We discuss all of this and more in today’s episode. You can find it on all of your podcast platforms. Make sure to rate, review, Hammer that subscribe button and let us know what you thought in the comments. We will be back later this week with a preview of the Minnesota game.