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Purdue vs Illinois: Game Grades

Boilers squeaked it out. How did they grade out?

NCAA Football: Illinois at Purdue Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue Offense: - D-

Abysmal, to say the least. We saw this a couple years ago when Rondale got hurt. Coach Brohm doesn’t make great adjustments when his top flight player is out. Well, David Bell was out and the offense sputtered. The Brohmfense has been less than great outside of the 2nd through 4th quarter against UConn.

Now, he faces an even further uphill battle to get this offense going. AOC or Plummer? Will Bell be back? How long is King out? Payne Durham took a big hit, how long is he done? The run game continues to struggle behind a lackluster offensive line.

The only thing that saved this grade from being an F is the game winning drive that went 90 yards in the 4th quarter, engineered by AOC.

Purdue Defense - A

The defense has been retooled and it has shown. 3 Co-Dcs has worked well thus far. Brohm being more involved has worked well also. Right now, the defense is only allowing 14.3 Points per game. Good for 9th in the nation.

Lead by George Karlaftis and Jalen Graham, the hard hitting defense is getting pressure on the quarterback and stopping the run decently as well.

We will need another top performance next week as the offense will still be dinged up.

Purdue Special Teams - A

Fineran continues to impress and it looks like Ansell has locked up the punting job. Ansell averaged 45 yards per punt this weekend, in a game full of punts. Fineran hit both field goal attempts and his PAT.

The unit also did not allow any big plays on special teams.

Coaching - B

This mostly goes to the defense. They are working their butts off and it shows. A win is a win and it is never easy to win in the B1G. Good work, coaches.