Boiling Hot Takes

or the most Captain Obvious observations of the football season:

  1. Brohm hired too good of a defensive staff and they're now making him look bad - not often should you be allowed to muster just 13 points on offense and still win the game. Does anyone else getting the feels of those opportunistic, late 90's defenses of the Tiller era? I mean, you can't replace the Colvin/Okeafor combo, but opposing offenses now appear to be triple teaming George, leaving someone with the matchup against grass, time and the distance between him and the QB.
  2. Snack Plummer has lived up to his name - satiates the offense for a short while, but over time...we just need something more. I admit, I was on the Jack train last yera, almost exclusivley for the reason that AOC cannot scramble, but until another QB proves capable of slinging the ball vertically down field, I think the fearless AOC needs to be our guy. The man has now led four game-winning drives as a boilermaker.
  3. We may still have the best QB in the West division, even though we don't know who our starter is. Tell me with a straight face that "X" QB on "Y" B1G West team is miles better than Plummer or O'Connell. Minnesota has now struggled against two MAC teams, and lost to one yesterday, looking even worse than we did on offense. Martinez looks dangerous, but remains error prone. Spencer Petras is insulated by a really good offensive line, but look no further than his game log to see that he ain't the guy winning them games.
  4. Piggy-backing on the above: the B1G West is wide open - Yes, Iowa looks to be the favorite, but they're not infallible, especially when Purdue has a defense that seems pretty good against stopping the run (unless Josh McCray is carring the ball). Everyone keeps talking about Purdue making it to bowl season, but if this team really plays multiple one-game seasons, there is no one on this schedule, less the offesnively-loaded Ohio State, that looks overwhelmingly daunting.

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