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Friday Drankin’: Riggs Beer Company

Champaign needs to open more breweries.

Caviar bump and a shot of Miller High Life beer with chips at Riddler, a new Champagne bar in Hayes Valley on Wednesday, January 4, 2016, in San Francisco, Calif. Photo By Liz Hafalia/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

I am running out of breweries to feature in Champaign. Since Illinois is one of the seven teams on the schedule every year it gets harder and harder to find a new brewery in their cities, especially smaller ones like Champaign. Triptych, Blind Pig, and 25 O’Clock have already been featured. At least there is one more in the Chambana area, Riggs Beer Company.

Riggs Beer Company

1901 High Cross Rd.

Urbana, IL 61802

Since we are pivoting to video in all things, Riggs Beer Company has a great YouTube video to explain their process:

They don’t seem to have a lot of seasonal or specialties, but they do have one per months. The core group looks solid:

American Lager - 5% ABV, 17 IBU - A classic, double mashed, American Lager brewed with Riggs-Grown 6 Row Barley and Riggs-Grown Low Oil White Corn. It’s fermented, conditioned, and lagered in our brewery for a full six weeks for an unbeatable smoothness.

Hefeweizen - 5.5%, 11 IBU - This German style wheat beer is brewed with Riggs-Grown Wheat. It has a rich banana aroma, but finishes clean, slightly tart, and refreshing. Brewed by a German certified brewmaster who learned his craft in Bavaria, so you know you’re getting the real deal.

Red Lager - 6% ABV, 27 IBU - Dark German malts are used to create a red color and subtle fruitiness that is unlike any other beer on the market. A healthy dose of American aroma hops accentuate the fruitiness and provide a refined bitterness that leaves you ready for another drink.

IPL - 6.2%, 47 IBU - Being big fans of lager fermentations, we used a German Lager yeast in an American IPA recipe to create a truly blank canvas for the finest aroma hop varieties to shine through. Our IPL allows you to experience Citra and Centennial hops to their fullest.

Their list of specialty beers is also quite extensive, so they are a must stop before next season’s game.