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Purdue to Wear Rose Bowl Throwbacks vs. Illinois

Now people get to see them!

Purdue QB Drew Brees... SetNumber: X58609

Last season Purdue wore its black throwback uniforms from the 2000 season against Northwestern to honor the 20th anniversary of the 2000 Big Ten championship season. Of course, no one got to see them in person, so we get to run it back this week against Illinois.

Now they need to sell these.

Purdue is running this back so the 2000 Big Ten championship team can get its proper honoring in front of a home crowd. Several members of the team will be in town for it, as well as Drew Brees, who apparently has started a broadcasting career after retiring from his previous vocation.

I absolutely love these uniforms. They were what we wore when I was a student, so in honor I will be immature and make poor decisions over the course of the weekend.

Yes, I know that is probably just par for the course with me.