Purdue Men's Tennis ITA Regional Preview 2021

Fall college tennis is sort of like the preseason of many different sports leagues: it is useful for showing the coaches what they have, but the results aren’t a great indicator for how the regular season will transpire. After last season, the fact that the ITA Regionals are happening is a positive sign, so I am prepared to sit back and enjoy the tennis.

Teams Competing:

Austin Peay (2-11 Overall, 2-3 Ohio Valley, No NCAA Appearance)

Ball State (17-5 Overall, 6-4 Mid-American, No NCAA Appearance)

Belmont (13-5 Overall, 3-2 Ohio Valley, NCAA Round of 64)

Butler (8-8 Overall, 2-1 Big East, No NCAA Appearance)

Dayton (13-6 Overall, 2-0 Atlantic 10, No NCAA Appearance)

East Tennessee State (13-8 Overall, 7-0 Southern, NCAA Round of 64)

Indiana (7-10 Overall, 6-9 Big Ten, No NCAA Appearance)

IUPUI (5-14 Overall, 1-7 Horizon, No NCAA Appearance)

Kentucky (19-8 Overall, 7-5 Southeastern, NCAA Round of 32)

Lipscomb (9-7 Overall, 4-2 Atlantic Sun, No NCAA Appearance)

Louisville (9-12 Overall, 3-8 Atlantic Coast, No NCAA Appearance)

Memphis (10-9 Overall, 0-5 American Athletic, NCAA Round of 32)

Middle Tennessee State (17-8 Overall, 1-0 Conference USA, NCAA Round of 64)

Northern Kentucky (10-5 Overall, 5-3 Horizon, No NCAA Appearance)

Purdue (1-14 Overall, 1-14 Big Ten, No NCAA Appearance)

Tennessee (28-4 Overall, 10-2 Southeastern, NCAA Final Four)

Tennessee-Chattanooga (9-11 Overall, 3-4 Southern, No NCAA Appearance)

Tennessee Tech (10-6 Overall, 5-0 Ohio Valley, No NCAA Appearance)

Vanderbilt (6-16 Overall, 0-12 Southeastern, No NCAA Appearance)

Xavier (2-12 Overall, 0-3 Big East, No NCAA Appearance)

Opening Singles Draw:

#T9 Athell Bennett vs Danilo Kovacevic

Gabriele Brancatelli vs Brandon Ponomarew

Milledge Cossu vs #T16 Tomas Luis

Tomasz Dudek vs Taisei Miyamoto

#T16 Piotr Galus vs Conor Gannon

Julen Morgan vs Tom Berry

Rohan Sachdev vs #T16 Tomas Rodriguez

Opening Doubles Draw:

#T9 Bennett/Galus vs Chen/Holis

Brancatelli/Cossu vs Castro/Luis

Dudek/Sachdev vs #T9 Lapadat/Mercer

What to Look For:

If Purdue can take care of business with ranked on non-ranked matchups, that will be a good start. It's the first I have seen of Athell Bennett since the cancellation of the 2020 season, and I will be excited to see what he does this season. Upsets along the way are also very appreciated. Keep in mind that especially after COVID-19, many of these schools don’t have large budgets, so they may only intend to stay for a part of the tournament. Walkover victories count just as much as regular ones, so that will probably benefit the Boilermakers to some degree.

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