Sure, we lost at ND – but

Offensively, the play-calling might have been conservative, but it almost had to be. Our O-line was going up against a defensive front that was averaging FIVE sacks per game, and we didn't have Horvath to help keep them honest. Even so, Purdue led in total yards (348/343) and time of possession (34:11/25:49).

Defensively, Brohm acknowledged that the new aggressive style would give up some big plays, but would be more effective. While ND won the game with three big TD plays (39 yd pass, 62 yd pass, 51 yd run), those three plays were the only TD's the Irish would score. Every other drive was a field goal or a punt. I know, I know, "those three plays are all they needed to win," but big scoring plays like that are not going to happen every game - certainly not in three's.

My point is that the 2021 Boilers are actually performing exactly the way Brohm intends them to, they just came up short on the road against a highly-ranked team.

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