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Purdue vs. Notre Dame Predictions

Does anyone on the staff vote for the upset?

NCAA Football: Purdue at Connecticut David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame returns to the schedule for the first time since 2014 when the two teams played in the Shamrock Series in Indianapolis. It didn’t go well for Purdue in that game meaning that Notre Dame will be bringing out the Shillelagh for the first time in 7 years. Let’s see what the staff thinks.

Jumbo Heroes (2-0) Says:

You can hear a much more in depth discussion about what I think about this game in the latest episode of the Hammer and Rails podcast, but I’ll give you a more condensed version here. I think Purdue has a puncher’s chance to pull off the upset. Notre Dame is possibly down to their third string left tackle (second stringer who now starts is likely a game time decision) on an offensive line that hasn’t looked good. Notre Dame hasn’t put together a full game of competent football yet. Notre Dame failed to sell-out their first game since 2019 last week. Perhaps they aren’t the juggernaut we all thought they were going in.

I worry though about Purdue’s offensive line’s ability to hold up to a Notre Dame defensive line that has 10 sacks on the year. I also worry about how Plummer handles real sustained pressure. If he shines in this game it gives Purdue a great chance. I just think Purdue isn’t there yet. Sadly I’ve gotta say the game stays close but Notre Dame pulls it out.

Purdue 31

Notre Dame 35

Travis (2-0) Says:

I have a funny feeling about this one. I really think Purdue has a chance and something is telling me there will be an upset. That is what my heart is telling me because Notre Dame has not been good defensively and they have a shoddy offensive line that Karlaftis can shred. My head tells me they are Notre Dame and Purdue just does not beat ranked teams on the road under any circumstance. I really want to pick a road upset here, so much so I would not be totally shocked if it happens. I am going to go with my head though.

Purdue 27

Notre Dame 34

Kyle (1-1) Says:

I like that Purdue is a trendy pick for an upset this week. But, I am not sure how our offensive line will hold up against their solid defensive line. I do think it is closer than expected by Notre Dame Fans. Purdue makes a push late, but, falls short.

Purdue 24

Notre Dame 34

Jace (2-0) Says:

I’m going out on a limb here with Purdue getting their biggest win since Ohio State in 2018. College football has been crazy this year with upsets (see Ohio State, North Carolina, UCLA, and more.) Purdue is coming off a high and have a lot of confidence, while Notre Dame has been shaky this year so far. This will still be a very close game, but I got Purdue stealing one in South Bend on Saturday.

Purdue 31

Notre Dame 30

Casey (2-0) Says:

You want my full breakdown? Listen to the hammer and rails podcast! What are you doing here? Go. Go now.

Purdue 21

Notre Lame 38

Holmes (2-0) Says:

This week’s somewhat obscure Marvel villain is Black Tom Cassidy. He’s the cousin of the X-Man Banshee and one of the few actually Irish villains in Marvel. In his first full appearance we find out that the ancestral home of the Cassidys, Cassidy Keep, also is home to a contingent of leprechauns. Black Tom is the frequent partner and best friend of Juggernaut. His powers include manipulating flora and projecting energy through it, and because comics loves a good cliché he often uses a shillelagh as a conduit for this energy. In current comics he is an important mutant on the new island nation of Krakoa and his plant-based abilities make him essential to the cause.

Notre Dame of course has two rivalry trophies that use shillelaghs, including for our game. They like to position themselves next to the juggernauts of the CFB world, but often fall just a bit short of their aspirations. I foresee them falling a bit short this week after two near misses already.

Purdue 27

Notre Dame 23

Drew (2-0) Says:

Purdue 38

Notre Dame 31