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Friday Drankin’: Evil Czech Brewing

Czech yourself before you wreck yourself.

CDU election campaign - Armin Laschet in Celle Photo by Philipp Schulze/picture alliance via Getty Images

When I started the Friday Drankin’ series I concentrated at first only on Indiana breweries, which meant I went all over the state. The Fighting Irish were not on the schedule in that first season of Friday Drankin’ (2017), but I didn’t get a South Bend area brewery. Let’s remedy that today.

Evil Czech Brewery

3703 N. Main St.

Mishawaka, IN 46545

If you are looking for a good brew before Saturday’s game, make sure to get over to Mishawaka. They advertise that the are in a Viking dining hall, which is an interesing twist since the Viking did not exactly sail the North Sea from a landlocked country in central Europe. They are a good brewery in that they package and sell state wide, so it is something you can easily pick up before heading to the game this weekend.

Now, onto the beers:

Stalin’s Darkside ’66 – 11% ABV, 35 IBUs – Named after one of the most evil human beings to walk the earth, this beer packs quite the punch and will send you to the gulag if you’re not careful. It is blacker than the oligarch’s heart as a smooth bodied Russian Imperial Stout with a medium to full mouthfeel and a mellow booze bite.

Voodoo Vanilla Rye Porter – 5.2% ABV, 30 IBU – I do enjoy a good vanilla porter, and this one looks tasty. A rich and smooth porter. Roasted coffee notes mingle with chocolate vanilla and a dry rye spiciness. To be enjoyed all year.

GG Patton Pilsner – 5.4%, 48 IBU – It seems a bit hoppy for a Pilsner, but I would be willing to try it. It is a light bodied European lager brewed in the Czech tradition. Brewed with European malts and finished with a floral bouquet of Czech hops.

Bigsby White Stout – 6.7% ABV, 0 IBU – A white stout is an interesting style, especially if it has 0 IBUs as advertised. The body of chocolate and coffee toasty malts with the appearance that of a blonde ale. Cocoa nibs from Davis Chocolate and cold brewed coffee from Zen Cafe help make this brew possible. Contains milk sugar.