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Hammer and Rails Podcast - Notre Dame Preview & Predictions

Are either of us bold enough to pick Purdue over Notre Dame?

NCAA Football: Toledo at Notre Dame
Empty seats at Notre Dame?
Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Notre Dame week here at Hammer and Rails! Today Casey and I discuss the upcoming game against the Fighting Irish and what we can expect. While some out there might think that the game against Notre Dame is a fait accompli I’m not so sure. I try to espouse a bit of optimism looking at this game and even Casey has some positive things to say about the team and what they could do against Notre Dame.

  • Why did Notre Dame fail to sellout their first (attended) home game since 2019?
  • How many sacks has Notre Dame given up this season and does that mean Big George is gonna be able to make a huge difference in this game?
  • Does ND playing a change of case QB scare anyone else as much as it scares me?
  • What has to happen for Purdue to pull off the upset?
  • What positional group matchups scare us the most?
  • How do we think Drew Brees will do in the booth on his first nationally televised Notre Dame game on NBC (not Peacock)?
  • Finally, with Casey and I each at 2-0 on the season we go on the record with our predictions for the victor of the Notre Dame game.

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