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Behind the Rails: Episode 5 - Notre Dame Preview (Sort of)


NCAA - Purdue vs Notre Dame - October 2, 2004 Photo by Sandra Dukes/Getty Images

Yeah, I am sorry about that.

This was probably our best episode to date with Kory Sheets. unfortunately, we had an internet glitch after 19 minutes and it ended up eating the first 19 minutes of Kory’s audio before it reconnected us. Since it recorded my end just fine I didn’t know until I got into Premiere this morning to edit it.

Kory had some really good stuff though, especially regarding the offensive line play on both sides and what David Bell can do to the Notre Dame secondary if Jack Plummer has time to throw. We did get the final 7 minutes or so once we were able to reconnect, so I will go ahead and post that because hey, it is something.

If you want to blame someone, blame Zencastr. Don’t worry, next week will be better, hopefully with he Shillelagh back in West Lafayette for the first time in 14 years.