Raheem Mostert Injury

One of our very own is facing the music sung by those hiding behind the curtain of social media. Add Mostert to the latest list of athletes to receive hate mail from the cowards that think their opinion matters. Mostert has supposedly received a lot of hate for his recent knee injury. Compound this with his ankle injury from last year and he hasn't played many snaps since 2019.

I think we can all agree that Mostert's NFL career has been inspirational to say the least. From going undrafted, to working his way through the practice squads and then having the breakout year in 2019. I dream about the career that he might have had at Purdue if he had been with Brohm. His monster game against the Packers in the playoffs was a thing of beauty and I hope that he can put up half of those numbers again someday. However, the sad reality is that the peak of NFL running backs is usually very short, especially when the injuries start to pile up.

While I've never had the following that our athletes have; this is the main reason why I'm barely active on most platforms. The amount of hate circulating is disgusting. There will always be some level of frustration when it comes to athletes making millions of dollars and then not meeting expectations. It would be one thing if he was simply underperforming based on the contract he received, and even then there are many team factors that could be argued. Getting pissed at someone for getting injured is pretty low though. It's disheartening to see the messages that he and his family have endured over the past couple of days. I know every fan base has it's rotten eggs, but I like to think that Purdue has some of the smartest and most loyal fans around. We've certainly endured our fare share of heart ache with player injuries, but never have I harbored any ill will towards someone for not meeting my expectations.

I wish Raheem the speediest of recoveries and I hope that he is able to get back on the field next season. Your boilermakers will always stand behind you.

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